It’s official: Welcome to the Third World Improv blog!

Welcome, readers!

How has 2021 been so far for you? We’re now a month into the year, and over here at TWI, we spent these first 30 days planning, exploring, and setting exciting things into motion — one of them being this blog!

Because we have such a rich community that holds plenty of interesting, important, and delightful ideas and conversations, we felt it would be a great idea to have a repository for these all on this website. It will largely be down the improv alley, but then again, we all know it’s a wide and colorful alley that’s brimming with every which topic!

It’s only the beginning, but keep your eyes peeled! We’ll update this blog where you’ll get news, essays, and features.

In the meantime, in the spirit of kicking things off, let’s hear from our TWIchers, who are all ready to take on this year. We asked them:

How are you approaching 2021 the improv way?

“Just discovered and put my purpose into writing this year, and it’s “To be fully present so that others can experience the gift in every moment.” What a wonderful, empowering reminder to see and hear and smell and savor each second that I learned, thanks to the extraordinary year that was, to hold sacred and true. Who’s ready to Yes, and…2021? I can say, confidently, me.”

– Monica Cordero-Cruz

“There’s a yin and yang to improv. There is the yang – the obvious, the obvert, the push, the initiative, the offer which sparks a scene and gets things going. Then there is the yin – the implied, the covert, the subtext, the pregnant pause that lets a scene breathe, the look that says so much more than any line. In 2021, with still so much chaos, uncertainty, anxiety and fear around us, pay attention to both energies, be comfortable with them and joyfully play in their interaction. Just as you would in an improvised scene.”

Gabe Mercado

“If there’s one thing i learned from 2020, it’s that we really have very little control over the events that happen in our lives. So this year, I will focus on being more accepting of my current reality and focus on finding ways to build on it. To focus on the gift of the moment and not worry too much about the future. I will also wish to be kinder to myself by setting simpler, short term, achievable goals (like workout at least once a week, or finish a whole season of KDrama in 1 weekend) and to not beat myself up in case I fail to meet these goals because none of it really matter. But, if I do accomplish them, i’d sure give myself a pat on the back and a couple of thumbs up!”

Dingdong Rosales

“I didn’t quite understand what “being average” meant when I first heard it at a SPIT Improv workshop one August several years back.Flash forward to 2021, I still struggle with that principle (being the scene stealer that I am.) With roles and responsibilities still restricted to limited spaces by the pandemic, being average would mean saying yes to where I would be most needed. It may be in front of a camera recording a lecture or facilitating an online talk or in the shadows of doing coordination work for colleagues. Being average would not only mean being in the center of things; but also embracing the uncertain in-between-ness of situations and being comfortable with playing roles at the fringes and borders.”

Ariel Diccion

“I am approaching 2021 with absolutely no expectations. I know planning ahead is important, and to a certain extent there is a bit of that, but I can’t plan too much because as 2020 has shown all of us, things happen and things change and we have to accept it. I want to find joy in the things that are thrown my way, so that no matter what happens, I can find something about it that I enjoy. NOT GOOD VIBES ONLY HA! It’s more of I accept that there will be bad vibes, and I can mess around with that to find something to work with.”

– Aryn Cristobal

“2021 is the year of bold choices and to make more mistakes! I feel like I’ve been too afraid to share my personal truth these past few years because my inner critic has been in the driver’s seat a lot. I was often too concerned about getting things correct and making “safe” choices. But guess what? “Correct” doesn’t exist and staying “safe” is the biggest risk you can take. So I’m resolved to just get out there, make bold choices, and fail as much and was spectacularly as I can. (Anyway, after 2020, we’ve all seen that we have nothing to lose in backing ourselves, right?)

– Aih Mendoza

“This 2021 I would like focus a lot less on myself and focus more on other people, applying theimprov principle “Make your partner look good”. Just have everyone’s back, and make sure that the people in my community, and in my life, are receiving the fullest of full supports from me.”

– Karl Echaluse



And there you have it! We hope that the TWIcher’s perspective on 2021 has inspired you in some way to expand from doing improv in class to embracing it in your day-to-day lives.

We’re so happy you’re here and we’re so excited to keep in touch with everyone through this blog.

From your TWI faculty, here’s to a mighty 2021!

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