Frequently Asked Questions

I want to sign up for a class but have no theater or performance background, can I still join?

Yes, definitely. A theater or performance background is not necessary to join our class. We have many kinds of people that enroll in our courses – from teenagers to senior citizens, couples, corporate employees, filmmakers, activists, government employees, teachers, social workers, managers, entrepreneurs, even entire families join our classes! It is in our core values to maintain a safe space for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, religion or social class.

Our minimum joining age is 14 though we have workshops specifically designed for younger kids. There is no censorship, hence, maturity and professionalism is expected from everyone in class.

How many sessions is one term and how long is each class?

There are 8 sessions per level. Classes are held once a week for 8 weeks and culminate with a student showcase. See term schedule for the year here.

There are also different workshops and sessions like 3 day intensive courses that are available. See here for more details.

How much will one term cost?

A term is equivalent to 1 level, consisting of 8 sessions, 3 hours each session.

For one term, the cost is ₱ 8,800.

Can I get a discount?

Referral discounts are available to students from Level Two to Six. These are for existing students who successfully refer someone to enroll in any of the courses offered by the school.

Can I pay in installment?

Ideally we prefer full payment up front to secure all logistics associated with student onboarding. However, we do recognize that the amount might be too much to pay at one go so we do make considerations for these students. We only ask that they email us a formal letter of request to

I'm sold! How do I sign up?

Fill up our super easy online registration form and choose your payment option. You’ll have to sign up to our payment portal, Ticket2Me which makes paying so convenient – they accept credit card, bank deposits, GCash, 7-eleven payments, Bayad Centers, etc. Remember, slots are only reserved for 5 days while waiting for payment transactions to.  Your slot will only be confirmed once payment is received.

I have a question. How can I contact Third World Improv?

We prefer emailed queries so that we can effectively keep track of all our communications with a paper trail. We try our best to answer them within one working day.

I changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

Tuition fees are considered final and non-refundable. Installed payments are expected to be complete on or before the fifth week of each eight-week term. If payments are not completed by the appointed date, a student may no longer continue his/her class and may not join the culminating activity.

Further, an interest may be charged should payments be delayed.

In the unfortunate event that a student cannot continue the course, a 50% refund may be given only after the first class and before the second class. Beyond then, refunds will be no longer allowed.

I might not be able to complete the term. How many absences am I allowed?

Students may only be absent 1 (one) time.

Students may miss no more than one class. Attendance beyond the 15-minute grace period will be considered tardy. We consider two tardy attendances an absence. If a student misses more than one class, the student may not receive a certificate and/or may not participate in the culminating activity upon the discretion of the instructor and the class. It is also the responsibility of the student to make up for the class they have missed. There will be no make-up classes for absences. Late enrollees do not get make-up classes.

I want my classmates to be the same age as me.

We have no control over who joins our classes so they therefore become comprised of individuals with varied ages and backgrounds. We welcome very much diversity which contributes greatly to the community that we are aiming to build.

Can I join one session and decide if I want to push through with the whole term after?

No. We hold Teaser Classes regularly for this reason. We may notify you of our upcoming classes via our mailing list. Sign up for our mailing list here.

Can I audition to be part of a group?

We do not hold open auditions. However, our students are free to perform with their respective groups, students from other groups, or with people outside Third World Improv, at their own time and space. These events are no longer connected with our school.

What happens after I finish all 5 levels?

Each improv journey is unique. You may choose to perform with your group, join another group, form your own group, or you may choose to not even perform at all. Rest assured that the TWI Community will always have your back in whichever path you choose.

Improv principles may be used anywhere in life and, believe us, they stay with you forever.

Should you wish to keep learning, Third World Improv also has a Continuing Education Program for Improvisers, which are specially designed, focused workshops whether in performance improv or Applied Improvisation.

I want to be a stand up comedian! Will this help me be funny?

Improv is unscripted and unrehearsed and is a totally different craft. Improv can help you be funny, but you’ll learn that it’s really not about trying to be funny. Wanna know more? Well, you’ll have to enroll. You can also Inquire with our friends from Comedy Manila or Comedy Cartel if you want to give stand up comedy a try.

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