Full Term Courses

Consider it the full improv experience. Committing to 8 weeks at a time, forging friendships, and every step of the way, discovering more about yourself within a fun-loving community. All levels culminate in a students showcase.

Level 1: The Joy of Improv

This course serves as an introduction to improvisational theater. During this eight-week period, students are introduced to the basic principles of improv using short form improv games and the philosophies and methods unique to Third World Improv.

Level 2: Listening and Collaboration

This course explores the more theatrical aspect of improv. Physical and verbal storytelling are emphasized during this eight-week course, using both theater exercises and short form improv games.

Level 3: Truth and Character

This course emphasizes the importance of truth in improv, drawing scenarios and characters from personal experience. Scene work is more prevalent during this eight-week period.

Level 4: Group Dynamics

This course emphasizes the importance of group mind in the art of improvisational theater. Students are taught to develop a unified outlook in creating scenes, as long form improv is slowly introduced. The students are then given the opportunity to be an opening act to one show of SPIT, and are required to produce and stage their own show at the end of the eight-week period.

Level 5: Long Form

This course introduces the students to well-known long form Chicago style formats. The students learn the breakdown of the structures, and perform a long form at the end of their eight-week course.

Level 6: Improv Forever

We at TWI believe that learning never stops and the thirst for knowledge should always be nurtured. Level 6 is a series of short term classes offered only to students who have completed levels 1-5. Topics range from a simple refresher class to more advanced and targeted classes on Scene work, theater and acting, music, dance, sketch and comedy writing and the various possible applications of the improv principles.

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